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Zumba class

Adult classes 

Studio S is not just for children!

Jenni has undertaken training locally and in London, in the delivery of dance and fitness classes for adults  and is also a trained and registered Zumba / Zumba Step Instructor. She has delivered classes to adults for many years and absolutely loves doing it. 

Everyone is welcome at Studio S adult classes. We are not remotely concerned about your shape, your size, your sense of rhythm, your weight, or your ability. 

Classes are all delivered on a 'zero embarassment' basis, and you can wear any suitable,

comfortable clothing and footwear. 

ABSOLUTELY NO dance abilty or experience is required - this is all about having fun

to keep fit and burn  calories! 

come and jointhe fun!

What happens during an adult class?

Classes always begin with a 'warm up', which is essential to ensure that bones and muscles are treated with respect. This involves stretching excercise and other simple, basic movements.

Our routines are set to popular music, which includes a variety of different styles, a few examples are:

  • Dont Stop Me Now 

  • Young Hearts Run Free 

  • Murder On The Dance Floor 

Everyone is free to go at their own pace, there is absolutely NO pressure at all. Jenni will adapt the class rountines to align with group abilties to ensure everyone is comfortable to participate.

For the same reasons  that we begin each session with a 'warm up' we end each session with a 'cool down'. 

Still have questions? 

We do fully understand that people can be more than a little nervous about joining a class for the first time, or starting something completely new. If you still have questions, Jenni will be very happy to have a chat, or communicate with you via messaging or email, so please do get in touch!

We would love to hear from you. 

07704 132631

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