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Our Timetable and Class Information


Please scroll down for our Timetable and to find out more about Studio S.


First a bit about our classes... 



Calorie Blast 

A fusion of different fitness and dance styles in a zero embarrassment environment, providing a full body work out. This provides participants with the opportunity to increase their fitness levels.


twinkle twinkle little stars

A fun dance class for 2 and 3 year olds, who can be accompanied by one partent / carer.


ballet and tap

Classes according to age for children and young people


An energentic workout which is great fun!

street dance 

A wonderful combination of different dance styles and genres



 For those wishing to work on their dance skills and techniques, with the objective of 

reaching their full potential in dance



so many exciting thingsare happeningat Studio Sthis Spring!

daffs Studio s copy.jpg

Come and enjoy dancing with us!

There is something for all ages and abilities.


For Safeguarding / Child Protection purposes, parents are not under any circumstances, permitted to observe children's classes. 


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“You don't stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing ”


There is a dance for everyone! 

At Studio S we believe that dance is for everyone, regardless of age, shape, size or ability. Everyone is welcome to join us.

We enjoy dancing, we enjoy music, we have fun together, we enjoy perfor​ming and sharing our dances.

We know that many children and young people enjoy performing and we passionately believe that it is beneficial in many different ways.

Dance can change your life!


Security, Safety and Safeguarding 


We take the safety and security of our customers, of all ages, very seriously.


S afeguarding
All our staff have DBS clearance, are licensed chaperones and have received paediatric first aid training. We also train our staff to deal with the various needs of children and young people of all ages, and to have an empathetic approach.

We comply with all the relevant Safeguarding and Child Protection requirements of local authorities, which are designed to protect children when taking part in performances. 

Safety and Security

We have a 24/7 Control Room on site, which monitors our properties and grounds. We close and lock the main gates to our site when classes are in progress. 

We have an access control system on Studio S Reception doors, and  a gate at the top of the stairs to the studio, beyond which only authorised staff have access. 

We ask that our customers understand that they cannot drive through the gates onto our property. Apart from reasons of safety, our planning permission does not allow customers to use our very small car park. There is free parking available on Station Road Car Park, which is situated in very close proximity to Studio S. The Senate Group will not accept liability for any loss, damage or accident which takes place in it's courtyard / grounds. 


Sadly, it is necessary to mention here that Studio S wishes to make it very clear that rudeness to our staff will not be tolerated. We do reserve our right to ask customers who are rude to staff to leave our premises. We make no apology that our policy is on EVERY occasion, to ensure that the safety of children is our absolute priority. 


What our customers can expect from us: 

Our objective is always for people of all ages, abilities and sizes to enjoy dance.

•Studio S team members are always appropriately trained, vetted and licensed.

•We aim to create a ‘zero embarrassment’ , safe, relaxed and pleasant environment in our Studio .

•We believe that performance is an exceptionally valuable experience therefore we offer regular opportunities for all our students to participate in shows and events. We keep our costumes and make up very simple to avoid costs which may be prohibitive for our customers. 

For further information on exactly what our customers can expect from us please see The Studio S Charter

What we expect from our customers:

We expect our students of all ages to extend consideration to other class members, and we feel that all our classes should always be enjoyable, therefore unkindness, bullying or intimidation is never acceptable.

•Everyone must attend appropriately dressed, in comfortable clothes and footwear and with a water bottle. Our staff are always happy to provide advice on this.

•We take our responsibilities in terms of health, safety and safeguarding very seriously and therefore only students and authorised staff are permitted in the Studio during classes. 

For further information on exactly what we expect from  customers ,please see The Studio S Charter

Car Parking / Safety


We  ask that all of our customers respect our rules in terms of car parking.

The small courtyard between Studio S and Senate House is not designated as a Public / Customer Car Park, so we ask that our customers do not bring their cars through the double gates at the front of our property. Our insurance does  not extend to public parking.

Alsager Mere / Safety

Alsager Mere contains very deep water.

Whilst we are of course very happy for our  customers to enjoy our grounds, we ask that all children are accompanied and supervised by a parent / responsible adult at all time in our grounds and courtyard. 

The Senate Group accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained in our grounds / courtyard. 

Our Cafe

We have a small Café on the  ground floor of our Studio where drinks and snacks can be purchased. Parents / carers are most welcome to enjoy our indoor and outdoor seating areas whilst children are in the Studio. 

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