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S tudio   S

Dance and Fitness of Alsager

Dance for Everyone!

Tel: 01270 877233

Senate House, 81, Crewe Road, Alsager, ST7 2EZ

Tel: 01270 877233 OR 07877 348104



We are all very excited about Christmas at Studio S! 

You can find out all about our Christmas Event on Monday December 12th on the following pages of our website:



S​​tudio S

Dance for Everyone! 


About Studio S  

Studio S is a privately owned, purpose-built dance and fitness studio situated at the rear of Senate House on Crewe Road, Alsager, ST7 2EZ.

Our air-conditioned studio is situated on the first floor along with changing rooms and showers.

We fully appreciate that children and young people have very busy schedules, and so anyone wishing to wait whilst a child is taking part in a class can enjoy drinks and snacks in our Cafe on the ground floor, and enjoy the wonderful views of Alsager Mere.

Why choose Studio S?  

Apart from all that you should expect of a professional dance studio, such as staff who are appropriately trained, experienced and screened, our objectives are always to provide a happy and safe environment in which children and adults can enjoy dance  and reach their full potential, regardless of age, size or ability. We love performing and believe that it enriches young lives and enhances the development of numerous skills.

We believe that dance can be life changing ! 


A Unique Style

Our Principal Dance Teacher, Jenni Keeling, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Studio S. Jenni  loves dance, music and drama and believes passionately that performance offers life-changing experience, particularly to children and young people. 

She has her own unique style which reflects her enthusiasm for  many difference dance genres, including:  Jive, Ballet, Street Dance, Contemporary, Ballroom, Hip Hop and Tap. 

Anyone who has seen her perform will have seen that she has her own very individual style of  choreography, having become very  skilful  in blending the characteristics  of several genres into the same piece. 


Some of Our Team ​...


Jenni Keeling

Principal Dance Teacher

Jenni has loved dancing from a very early age and after studying Dance at University, achieving a BA Hons. in Dance , started to work in setting up Studio S in Alsager, where she is the Principal Dance Teacher. She has studied Street Dance in various dance schools in London, and more recently been trained by Darcey Bussell at The Royal Academy of Dance. Jenni is passionate about all styles and genres of dance, she loves teaching and performing. 


Shannan Booth

Safeguarding Lead

Shannan is the Business Support Manager for The Senate Group. Her role includes the oversight of all safeguarding and child protection issues for Studio S. Shannan is responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and  the local requirements of Cheshire East Entertainment & Employment Licensing Directorate. She is also an accomplished dancer herself and may make the occasional appearance  in our performances...


Dale Gough

Technical Director

Dale is a Security Systems Consultant for  The Senate Group. He has spent many years involved in theatre productions, both on stage and backstage. Dale is an exceptionally creative, multi-talented musician and technician, who goes to whatever lengths are necessary to bring Jenni's ideas to life and his many skills are responsible for bringing the 'multi-media' element into all Studio S performances. 


Katie Dykes

Assistant Dance Teacher

Katie is our newest team member, joining us as an Apprentice in September 2022. She is undertaking a formal Apprenticeship Training Programme  to equip her with an understanding of how the commercial, compliance and other administrative  elements  that support all Studio S classes / activities work together and underpin our operation. 

As an extremely talented dancer, she will also be receiving training in dance, in the delivery of training and other dance related issues. Katie joins us with over 10 years experience of attending dance classes at Studio S, and now we are delighted to have her in our  team on a full-time basis. 


Guy, Andy and Raj 

Technical Support Team 

Studio S has an amazing technical team! They all have important 'day jobs' in our parent company, The Senate Group. Our Studio S productions simply would not be the same without their very impressive combination of skills, expertise, patience and unique sense of humour! 


What do our customers say about Studio S?


"My daughter absolutely loves going to her Street dance, Ballet and Tap Classes each week. I cannot thank Jenni and the fab Studio S Team enough for all that they have done to increase my daughters confidence, self-esteem and instil in her a great passion for dance. All of this has been achieved in a fully inclusive, family-run environment which has provided the highest standards of care and  safeguarding for all the performances my daughter has been lucky to be a part of.  I would highly recommend Studio S to anyone considering dance lessons for their children' 

Dance Student,

 Aged 5

" I love dancing with Jenni and all my friends and especially in the shows. You can get to be a Ballet Princess, Jasmine, or even a pink shark in the new show and I cant wait to be that you know. "


" My grandaughters love, love, love going here xx"

Calorie Blast Adult

I go to calorie blast and Zumba and absolutely love it. Jenni is just great and provides such a relaxing atmosphere in the fantastic studio overlooking the Mere. Highly recommend Studio S to anyone who wants to get fit but have lots of fun at the same time!


My two girls go to street dancing and absolutely love it and love their teacher Jenni. Jenni is a lovely warm energetic and enthusiastic young lady and my children certainly admire and look up to her.. Street dancing has been great for building up confidence within my children and for allowing them to express themselves.. thank you Jenni x


" Thanks to the whole team, whose passion for dance and the welfare of the dancers is ever felt. This continued during lockdown when remote classes lifted spirits and kept us fitter"


Jenni is such a friendly person . She makes you feel so comfortable and confident. Both my daughters go to dance and love it. I love Zumba. Fantastic teacher ... x

Member of Show Audience

Incredibly high standard for local theatre! Amazing production! What a credit to Studio S. 

Zumba Class Adult

I've started going to Zumba now for a few weeks and I absolutely love it, Jenni has been so welcoming, friendly and makes every session fun! Would highly recommend going to Studio S to do her classes whether it is Zumba or one of her other classes�the music is brilliant, the atmosphere is so relaxed and welcoming and you have a fantastic Zumba instructor to top it off, what more could you want!�

Member of Show Audience 

That was really not what I was expecting​ at all! I wish I had booked tickets for both nights, and I will definitely do that next time!


T hank you for organising the teen  social  event this evening, my child had a brilliant  time and  we are hoping that you might consider more of these in future. We really appreciate  how inclusive the studio is. 

7-11 yrs Street Dance Class Members

T he teachers are fun and approachable. 

I like it when we h​ave our costumes and glitter in our hair.

My favourite thing at Studio S is all the smiles

I love Studio S because we have fun. 

I like that we are not put under any pressure in the shows. 

I love dancing on the stage.

Dance Professional

'Studio S are doing a wonderful job in Alsager, the work done, particularly with the older groups, is remarkable' 


'Studio S has made an incredible difference to my child this year'

Teen Parent

" Through my daughters' experience at Studio S I am sure she will take many skills into adult life and continue to enjoy dancing and keeping fit"


Been to the twinkle twinkle little stars class this morning with my little girl, lovely class and coffee and cake at the end, what more can you ask for �


' I love Studios S's commitment to inclusivity and fun'

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